Simply Me

I believe whole heartedly in God; therefore I believe in love. Through all the craziness, in my life, I remain simply me.

David Stern Cancels Chris Paul Trade, In GIF Form


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Let them make the dumb mistake… Heat didnt win the finals neither will the lakers. They gave to much up for their “dream team” but that should simply be part of the game and their mistake so….

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Thats my team right there. I am a student at UGA and a die hard fan. I have been in love for simply ever. Nothing cooler than seeing them get their publicity. Go DAWGS!

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Simply Finals

One final down and two to go… I won’t lie i think i got a pretty nice schedule this semester. I just hope i can finish strong. I wanna start my college career off right. I always hear it sets the tone for the rest of the 4 years. Well i hope my teachers will be simply amazed at the fact i am studying on a friday!! Yes thats right its friday and i am studying. Wow where is my award…. haha rest assured though… i wont be studying tonight. cant make me

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Simply getting better and better

This guy is a sports hero of mine. He simply amazes me with his determination. the numbers speak for themselves but so do the buzzer beaters, reverse layups, amazing dunks, and record points while having the flu. MJ

SI VAULT: Michael Jordan stands at the pinnacle of his game (12.23.91)


I am simply swarmed with papers. But its not even like they are spaced out. One class 7 papers… wow. Where to begin? They are all due today and tomorrow in a very intense way… then after tomorrow i am pretty sure its nothing… which is actually kind of annoying because i wish they could be more spread out rather than all at once. Oh well, I guess thats life

“How do we do that? She’s simply wonderful.”

—   Kevin from the Office
if you wanna simply get a lady this is all you need.

More Tebow

Click on the heading to read the article… Simply awesome response to a bitter comment. See, Tebow simply loves God. When you see someone like that you cant deny its powerful. Keep it up Tebow. The Lord will be your strength so long as you put him in the forefront of your life. God bless

Simply joyful

It’s a good day when you are productive in your school work, get to read the exact verse you needed in the Bible, and draw closer to your most loved one. God grants us the sweetest gifts from time to time. I will cherish nights like this. As I lay down, so tired from a full day, I simply smile. God has granted me another day to be the man he wants me to be. He has blessed me with a beautiful angel. So when a day like today draws to an end I can’t help but be simply joyful

how simply stupid can you be….
This guy has had an amazing journey. I pray he stays strong because his life will be under scrutiny for a long time to come. He simply has such amazing faith. He is doing it in the right way and he lets you know thats the result of his relationship with God. I love that, because the bible tells us “I can do all things through Christ…” Thats the point only with him we can do all things.
How cool is this. God definately gives different people different strengths. i for one have the goal of simply grabbing rim. this guy just makes it look too easy. Different skills are what make the world go round i guess

“What I want is to be needed. What I need is to be indispensable to somebody. Who I need is somebody that will eat up all my free time, my ego, my attention. Somebody addicted to me. A mutual addiction.”

—   simply sweet addiction

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this is pretty much me. I end up picking the thing i can say the most simply. that way they will never know its so hard for me to formulate